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We can help you plan your event including the venue, the experience, the financials, and the staff, to bring your vision to life.

Sit down with our holistic team of planners, staffers, and managers, and let us help you create a memorable event!

Social Media- & Influencer-Friendly Events At The Tips Of Your Fingers


Event Staffing is our specialty. We source the right staff for each event. We carefully select the staff that best represents our values, your event’s best interests, and your guests’ experience.

We start from our growing roster of highly experienced experts, we discuss each event with them, including expectations, guests/attendees, and the vision that the client wishes to bring to life. We then create a plan of action with the venue, the client, the staff, and our team of advisors, to ensure that the event is all it can be, and more.

Service Tiers

We cater to your needs. Our flexibility and quality are our strengths. We have several service levels for you to select from, that best suit your budget, and the experience you want your attendees to have.


Aimed at budget-conscious event planners, hosts, or managers that know the importance of balancing quality and value





This is for those that prioritize experience above all else. Unique, bespoke, and white glove service for an unforgettable event.

White-Glove Service

Top Tier Event Staff



The perfect mid-point between value and top-tier service. This package is for those that want a great time that won’t break the bank.

Quality & Value in Harmony

Experienced Professional Staff

Exciting Entertainers

Timeless Events & Lasting Memories


We can help you manage your event from start to finish. We take the time to understand the vision you have for your event, and the type of guests/attendees, the experience you want everyone to have, and ensure that the event lives up to those expectations. We have decades of experience making events run smoothly and effortlessly.

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